Improving Quality of Life in Africa

The WHO estimates 100,000 deaths a year in Africa are linked to the counterfeit drug trade and over 30% of medicines sold in Africa are counterfeit/ fake. The pharmaceutical market in Africa is estimated at over $50 billion growing approximately 9% per annum and is in dire need of modernisation. This is where we come in.

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What we do

Kessington health (Regd: Kessington global synergy ltd) improves access to medicines by providing direct to retail medicines from manufacturers/ registered distributors and inventory/ patient/ medication management solutions to pharmacies and insurers. We are your Tech-Enabled Pharmaceutical Procurement Partner.

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Software for Pharmacies

Bring your pharmacy into the modern age using our proprietary Patient Medication Records and Inventory Control (PMR) software, RemedialRx.

RemedialRx is a simple and straightforward application providing users with fast and intuitive workflows to streamline the whole dispensing process and other areas of pharmacy management. It enables you to manage the day-to-day operations of your pharmacy, seamlessly running clinical services by storing patient medication records, patient communications, stock management, order processing, reporting and accounting; allowing you to focus on patient care.

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Vendor-managed inventory & Private-label medicines for Pharmacies and Health Institutions

Keep your shelves well-stocked with medicines your patients need. Order products from the world’s top manufacturers through us and make huge savings. We’re able to buy in bulk for our network of providers and achieve discounts.

Pay ONLY for what you dispense. We don’t sell stock to you. Instead we manage your inventory ensuring you have what you need and delivering within 24 hours anything you don’t have. You pay for stock only when you dispense to Patients. Why risk tying down cash in stock and risk product expiration?

We source medicines (branded, generic and specialty) direct from international manufacturers, manufacture our private label generic medicines (16 registered medicines with the NAFDAC) via GMP approved contract manufacturing. Our private-label generic Antibiotics and Antimalarials are also secured using SMS scratch card authentication technology (MAS) to prevent counterfeiting.

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Over 300,000 Patients served
36 States in Nigeria served
Over 300 Pharmacies in Network
Over $800,000 Inventory deployed
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For Health Insurers

Health insurers resort to setting up a pharmacy distribution centre and logistics to handle clients on life long or long term medicines to keep their cost of pharmaceutical purchase down. The cost and burden of doing this to the insurers is astronomical (you’re in the business of providing insurance not selling medicines).

With our pharmacy benefit solution, we handle all aspects of pharmaceutical purchasing and distribution for insurers including providing clinical advice (from a registered doctor and a pharmacist) to patients and advise on insurer’s medication formulary.

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For Patients

We perform a key life saving function by ensuring patients get their medication when required in pharmacies/ health institutions, help with obtaining hard-to-find medication in the shortest possible time, cut out the margins of multiple middle men in the supply chain thereby ensuring affordability, ensure that medications are genuine, unexpired and have been stored in the optimal conditions recommended by the manufacturers, reputable health organisations and ensure their medication history is always available to check for adverse reactions and drug interactions.

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